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Outdoor Adrenaline Gifts

Paintballing, snowboarding, ziplines, horseriding or even a private surf lesson? Give the gift of an experience that will never be forgotten! Outdoor adrenaline gifts are sure to get the body moving like never before. Many different outdoor experiences are available all over the USA, just click the “find experiences by state” tab on the homepage to see available experiences near you.

Here’s some exciting experiences to get your outdoor adrenaline gift ideas flowing! (many more here.)

Paintballing in PA!

This is an excellent outdoor adrenaline gift at a great price. For $32 the package includes all day admission to the paintball fields, full rental of all safety gear like facemask, goggles, gun, unlimited N2 air refills, judges to watch over the matches (all day) and various other amenties available like snack bars, changing rooms and a full service retail store. The paintballs can be purchased from as little as 3.5 cents each (think $3.50 will get you 100 paintballs!).



Swamp and Bayou tour – New Orleans, LA

There are some experiences that you wouldn’t expect from the typical “AHHHH FAST FAST FAST” man’s outdoor adrenaline gift adventure. Take this for example, a tour of the swamp and bayou of New Orleans – home to a gator or two apparently? This is a less than $50 gift that lasts between 3-4 hours and will be guided by a naturarlist showcasing the swamps in all their glory – Alligators, snakes, snapping turtles and much more. You will see nesting grounds of all the animals and hear some legendary tails handed down by generations.


For latest pricing please visit the main site here.


Falconry Experience- Sulphur Springs, WV

This experience demonstrates that not all outdoor gifts have to be terrifying or heart-pounding. The Falcontry Experience in White Sulphur Springs gives you an one hour introduction into the fascinating world of birds of prey. You will be able to interact with a variety of birds, watch them train and experience and simulated “live” hunting using lures…of course you will also have the opportunity to hold a trained Harris Hawk!


For latest pricing please visit the main site here.


Exotic car experience

You can give the experience of a lifetime by picking an exotic car experience – Ferarri your thing? Or maybe a Lamborghini or Porsche would be more fitting? With multiple packages to select GreatAmericanDays has you covered. Prices start at around $100 for an adventure and they offer experiences for ride-along’s or full driving control!

Give the gift of adrenaline!

Exotic car experience

Some of the experiences will let the driver loose on the street (the route is pre-planned to minimize traffic and maximize fun) and other experiences are kept on a track for the ultimate race experience. This one is really for the boys that never grew up and like to go fast!

Here’s some packages to give you an idea of what to expect and head over to GreatAmericanDays.com to select your exotic car experience today.

  • Many locations available
  • Affordable pricing
  • 100% best price guarantee!

Exotic car ride along -South Haven, MI

View all experiences here.

This exotic car experience will have you on the edge of your seat! You will get to feel the power and thrill of one of the worlds fastest supercars all while being expertly controlled by a professional driver. Three laps of heart pounding speed around the Gingerman Raceway will give you an experience you won’t quickly forget.


Example shown. Click here for current prices.


Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Driving Experience – Denver, CO

View all experiences here.

Slide into a world famous supercar and take it for a spin on Denver backroads! With this experience you will have 45 minutes to put this Lamborghini Gallardo through it’s paces and with 562HP, six speed semi-automatic transmission and all wheel drive it is all about speed. 0 to 60MPH comes in just 3.4 seconds!


Hot air balloon flights

sd hot airHot air balloon flights are the perfect way to spend quality time together – whether it’s the ultimate form of romance, a celebration or just for some fun!

With launch locations throughout the US and a wide range of package combinations you’ll be sure to find the perfect hot air balloon flights for your special occasion!



Feel like a bird as you glide above the forests and over lakes!


Many hot air balloon flights include extras such as champagne toasts, snacks, videos and photographs to remember the experience. Hot air balloon flights are an amazing way to view landscapes like never before. Get stunning birds eye views and an abundance of photo opportunities as you take to the skies and sail like the wind.

Check out some of the example hot air balloon packages below for an idea, then head on over to GreatAmericanDays to book your own personal hot air balloon flight. See you aboard!

Hot Air Balloon Flight – Denver, CO

View the majestic Rocky Mountains and their unending panoramic vistas in this hot air balloon flight. You will sail over the Platte River Valley and above the abundance of wildlife the area has to offer. Cystal clear lakes and lush evergreen forests await as you drift effortlessly in your hot air balloon. Total experience is between 3-4 hours and includes certificate.


Example shown. Click here for more current prices.


Champagne Balloon Flight – Orlando, FL

Sail over the central Florida countryside smelling the fresh orange blossoms and abundant Cypress trees. Lakes and streams will look like puddles as you glide over them witnessing the beautiful panoramic vistas Orlando has to offer. Buffet breakfast, champagne reception, flight certificate included. For every paying adult one child can fly free!



Example shown. Click here for more current prices.


Experience gifts and gift experiences

ATV lift kits, axels and monster parts

Getting something to trick out their ATV or UTV is a guaranteed WIN. You’ve got tons of choice if you want to surprise them with a specific upgrade – tires, exhaust, led lightbar, or an ATV lift kit shipped to their door? or you can just get them a giftcard so they can figure it out! Everything from this site is also free shipping – parts, accessories, anything! SuperATV.com


What’s better than making something already awesome….awesome-er? Here’s a few ideas  to give you an idea, this winch accessory kit is really affordable especially with free shipping. This fully outfitted winch accessory kit comes with safety gear, heavy duty “D” rings, gloves, a special tree saver and pully block for under $80! Free shipping on everything! Click to shop.


This fully outfitted winch accessory kit comes with safety gear, heavy duty "D" rings, gloves, a special tree saver and pully block for under $80!  Free shipping!











Give them extra armor on the trail or track – a radiator guard like this costs less than $60 and has FREE shipping! Find yours!

When you’re ready to check out the site get the year, make and model of the ATV or UTV so you can easily check if the upgrade you want is available for the ATV you have. The product pages put the “Will fit” years at the beginning of the descriptions like in the screen shot.


Screen shot. Click to enlarge



Everything from this site is also free shipping – parts, accessories, anything! SuperATV.com


Auto lock or unlock your mac when you leave and return with Seasame2

This is one of those products that you didn’t know even existed but know you know that it does it’s amazing. The Seasame2 with automatically lock or unlock your mac when your leave and return. It’s like a remote unlock key that hangs on your key ring, and for your computer.

With a price of $39, Seasame2 won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet and in return give you something that you’ll probably use every day.


In addition to being convenient and actually being quite useful those of you who are security conscious can use Seasame2 to double your Mac login security. The software is able to set you up where the user must enter a specific password and must have the Sesame2 key closeby. Pretty neat.


A few extra quirks Seasame2 can do are toggling many in-app options when the key is sensed close bye or missing. Some of the examples would be pausing Spotify if you were to leave, setting Skype or messenger to (away) when you actually are!


Sesame2_lifestyle001  Sesame2_lifestyle003


Check it out here, buy it here: currently $39 for one or $69 for two.

Get colognes used by celebrities

What does your favorite male celeb use as cologne? We tracked down some of the secret information below – pick the celeb you like and get an amazing deal on the fragrance they wear at Fragrancex.com (free shipping, free returns! – great company).

Use coupon code 535FRGX for $10 off $100.


Leonardo D’Caprio


Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien EDP ($53.99-$72.99)


Hugh Jackman (aka Wolverine)


Tom Ford Grey Vetiver ($123.99)

Hugh Jackman's Cologne - Buy @ FragranceX!


George Clooney


Green Irish Tweed Cologne ($192.05)

Jay Z


Millisimme Imperial Cologne ($160.99)


Kevin Costner

Costner Bois Du Portugal ($168)



Will Smith


Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme Marine ($37.19)

Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme Marine


Other gift idea resources

Here are some other gift idea resources:


Ebay (visit) always has a huge selection of gifts for anyone. We’d recommend setting up your gift search with a few filters before getting started – like “buy it now”, “free shipping” and “new” condition. This generally will filter out the junk and only shows viable gifts. Searching for something like “Mens Gifts” brings back a slew of wrist watches which are always a winner – you might want to specify something like “outdoor gifts“, “electronic gifts” or “sporting gifts” to get other results.

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